CSV Series

CVS Series


CVS Series Oil- Lubricated
Vacuum System

Ratings 4.8

CVS- 16

*16 m³/hr *1 bar Vacuum *100 Ltr

CVS- 25

*25 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *100 Ltr

CVS- 40

*44 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr

CVS- 65

*60 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr

CVS- 100

*98 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr

CVS- 300

*280m³/hr *0.8 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr

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oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum systems - air receiver and instrument panel square measure mounted to standard skids to permit for future enlargement. They are designed to be simply expandable from any smaller size, and supply automatic operation and convenience, because of the programmable controller. Kalbro's expandable oil-lubricated rotary vane systems employed in industrial or medical/surgical business.

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