KDV Series

KDV Series


KDV-20 Dry Vacuum Pump

Ratings 4.5

KDV- 20

*20 m³/hr *24 in/hg Vacuum *1 hp

KDV- 30

*30 m³/hr *24 in/hg Vacuum *2 hp

KDV- 40

*40 m³/hr *24 in/hg Vacuum *2 hp

KDV- 60

*60 m³/hr *24 in/hg Vacuum *3 hp

KDV- 80

*80 m³/hr *24 in/hg Vacuum *3 hp

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A rotary vane vacuum pump uses sliding vanes within a rotor which rotates within a cavity to produce positive displacement. As rotary vane pumps do not have metal-to-metal contact, they are capable of self-compensating for wear.

In comparison to other types of vacuum pumps, they require less maintenance and maintain peak performance longer. Whether you need a medium or variable vacuum range, Kalbro's oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps are a great choice.