KD Series

KD Series

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KD Series Dry Twin Casing
Vacuum Pressure Pump

Ratings 4.3

KD- 20

*20 m³/hr *0.6 bar Vacuum *2 hp

KD- 30

*30 m³/hr *0.6 bar Vacuum *2 hp

KD- 40

*40 m³/hr *0.6 bar Vacuum *3 hp

KD- 60

*60 m³/hr *0.6 bar Vacuum *4 hp

KD- 80

*80 m³/hr *0.6 bar Vacuum * 5 hp

KD- 100

*100 m³/hr *0.6 bar Vacuum *7.5 hp

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Kalbro manufactures a range of pumps, as well as 100 percent oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps. KD Series designed to work endlessly making vacuum and pressure at the same time. they're direct driven units. every Pumps is eqquiped with associate degree integral non-return valves and microfine filters. they need name for being exceptionally quiet and cooler running units. Our pumps are fitted with long, self-lubricating C composite vanes. when cooler cools the air to close before delivery.