How to change the vacuum pump oil?

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If someone is using Vacuum pumps for their work. You must know how to change the vacuum pump oil.

Vacuum pump oil is a versatile ingredient within the pump that lubricates the pumping apparatus while collecting moisture and contaminants.



Simply put, it’s what keeps the pump, well, pumping.

Due to the lack of filters, vacuum pumps oil becomes contaminated with contaminants, reducing their efficiency. Once the oil is saturated, it cannot absorb any more moisture from the system. Contaminated oil eventually forms sludge, which reduces the pump’s efficiency significantly. Neither contaminated nor saturated oil lubricates well and can quickly wear out pumping equipment.

How to change the vacuum pump oil?


A vacuum pump oil must be replaced regularly to ensure smooth operation.

  1. Ensure that the pump is turned off and that the fluid has been drained. Allow the fluid to drain into a suitable container.
  2. The pump should be switched on after the oil flow declines and should run for about 10 seconds before being switched off. Tip the pump up to allow for any remaining fluid or particulates to drain out.
  3. Fluid drained from a pump that has discolored, contains particulates, smells foul, or is very dirty should be flushed out with the following procedure. If your pump requires more than two flushes, it may need to be rebuilt with a new repair kit.
    1. Reinstall the fluid-drain plug into the drain port.
    2. You should be able to see the fluid level on the lower rim of the fluid sight glass after refilling the pump with Oil oFF Flushing Fluid.
    3. Blank off or valve off the inlet port.
    4. Turn ON the pump and allow it to run for about 10 minutes.
    5. Turn the pump OFF and refer to step 1 to drain the vacuum fluid.
  1. Charge the pump with the specified fluid as described above to the center of the sight glass or the specified fill line.
  2. Reinstall the fluid-fill cap.
  3. The new fluid should be tested and recorded for future reference in order to determine if the pump’s vacuum level is blanked off.

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