Vacuum Boosters Problems & Troubleshooting

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Vacuum Boosters Problems

Dry positive displacement pumps, also called root booster vacuum pumps or root blowers, produce high vacuum levels. Root pumps work on the same principle as rotary vane pumps. If you need fast pumping speeds, these pumps are the right choice.

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Root vacuum booster pumps have two symmetrical lobes rotating in the working chamber, which makes them contactless and oil-free. This process does not involve the rotating lobes contacting each other or the housing.

To achieve a high volume flow with a deep final vacuum in pumping stations, Roots booster pumps or Roots blowers are often combined with oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps.

Vacuum Boosters Problems – Knocking or Rapping

  • Replace worn bearings or gears if the unit is out of time due to worn bearings or gears.
  • When the rotors are touching each other due to excessive temperatures, lower the differential pressure to reduce the temperatures.

Excessive Operating Temperatures

  • Pressure differential too high – lower the cut-in pressure to reduce pressure across the booster. Ensure that the blank-off pressure of the pump and the system is not leaking.

Lack of Volume

  • Worn clearances – Re-establish clearance
  • Reduce speed – Check motor

Abnormal Bearing and Gear Wear

  • Maintain correct oil levels, increase the frequency of oil changes, and initiate an oil sampling program to prevent inadequate lubrication.

Loss of Oil

  • Worn seals – Replace seal


The use of a step-by-step procedure in troubleshooting Vacuum boosters problems and/or systems facilitates the location of the problem and the identification of the appropriate solution.

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