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What is a Rotary vane pump?

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The rotary vane vacuum pump is a well-known technology for the production of suction for the removal of air molecules from a vessel or area.

The rotary vane vacuum pump works on a positive-displacement pumping principle. The design consists of a rotor, which consists of blades, mounted inside the rotor and moved in and out due to centrifugal force following the internal surface of the housing.

Rotary vane pump
Rotary vane pump

What are the benefits of using a rotary vane pump?

Oil Sealed – oil provides an effective seal enabling an ultimate vacuum up to <0,5 mbar (abs.)
Lubrication prevents wear – Aluminum blades, rotor, housing, and housing cover bearings are lubricated with oil making them virtually wear-free.
Reduced Operating Temperature – Heat is reduced as oil reduces friction with the compression chamber
Corrosion protection – oil protects all components from corrosion and reaction with the gas
Cleaning effect – The oil cleans the compressor chamber of impurities and prevents damage extending pump life and performance.
Oil lubricates the blades, rotor, housing, and housing cover bearings of a rotary vane vacuum pump making them virtually wear-free.

How does a rotary vane pump work?

Rotary vane pumps contain two or more chambers that compress, rotate, and discharge gasses and liquids. These chambers create a vacuum that pressurizes the contents, allowing them to travel through the pump’s outlet.

The vanes slide in and out and turn against the inner wall of the rotor. As the vanes rotate, one chamber forms and the outlet valve divides the chamber into suction and discharge sides.

The fluid enters the suction side of the chamber, where it compresses with each rotation. Once the suction chamber reaches its maximum capacity, the contents release into the discharge chamber and through the pump outlet. Finally, an exhaust valve prevents backflow by blocking contents that try to reenter the pump.

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